SESNA Garden Plots

The Southeast Salem Neighborhood Garden is now renting out garden plots at the Garden on 19th St SE (between Oak & Bellevue). 4×10 plots are $25 for the calendar year & 3×4 plots are $10. You can rent multiple small plots. The fees include access to tools to use on-site, water, compost, some seeds & use of the greenhouse. Not only that, but expert advice is available from Master Gardeners.

If you’d like an application, please email me off the list. Plots are starting to be rented, so hurry to get a plot, as there is a very limited number.

Oh yes, please excuse the appearance of the Garden. We have some work parties scheduled, & will have the plots ready & the Garden in better shape in no time.

Looking Forward Neighborhood Plan 4/9







A post card has been seen to SESNA residents to join in creating a new neighborhood plan. This project is in partnership with Northeast Neighbors (NEN) and the City of Salem. Please join us Tuesday, April 9 at 6:30 pm at First Christian Church at 17th and Court Sts. More information about the project can be found at .

Richmond Elementary’s Annual Winter Bazaar 12/14



Every year Richmond School (Richmond Ave. & Mill) holds a Christmas sale of donated items so their kids (& families) can buy Xmas presents for each other at a low cost AND make money for the school. The sale is Dec. 14 from 5-6:30pm. The school needs the following new or gently-used items that are clean & in good repair. Gift-wrapping volunteers are also needed. Contact Rachel Cancino, at 503/399-3180;  

  • Lots of toys  
  • Books  
  • Games with all of their pieces 
  •  Working electronics  
  • Complete puzzles  
  • Unused bath/beauty products  
  • Unused candles 
  •  Picture frames  
  • Jewelry  
  • Housewares  
  • Wrapping paper, ribbon & bows 
  •  Tape

 Anything else you can think of that a child might love to have

SESNA Meeting Agendas 8/12

The city is no longer mailing paper SESNA meeting agendas. You can get the current agenda or subscribe and the city will email them to you each month. You can always find the “meeting agenda” button on the left margin to get the agenda.


Low Interest Flood Disaster Loans

The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, and non-farm businesses of all sizes who suffered physical and economic losses caused by the severe winter storm system that occurred January 17 through 21, 2012. The Marion County SBA Disaster Loan Outreach Center will be open Tuesday, April 3 through Thursday, April 19. For more information see the Press Release, Fact Sheet, Agency Flyer, and SBA Disaster Web Site.

Healthy Gardens, Healthy People: A Workshop Series

Healthy Gardens, Healthy People: A Workshop Series

Presented by Marion-Polk Food Share, Pringle Creek Community, Willamette University and Marion County Master Gardeners


A series of 13 workshops for the beginner and intermediate gardener.

Hosted by experts and enthusiasts from the local community.

$5 suggested donation per workshop.


RSVP to any and all workshops to: 503-581-3855 ext. 329, or Address and directions provided upon RSVP.

1. Sunday, March 18: 1-3pm.  Taking advantage of sun and shade in your yard:  Herb gardens, Shade gardens, and Mushroom Basics (for both unwanted and edible mushrooms). 

                   Presenters:  Briana Lindh and Susie Dunham, each is a Professor of Biology at Willamette University

                   Venue:  Willamette University’s Zena Farm


2. Thursday, March 29: 5-7pm. Gardening 101: An introduction to growing your own food.

                   Presenter: Nicole McDavid, Urban Farmer at Pringle Creek Community

                   Venue: Pringle Creek Community Garden


3. Saturday, April 7: 10am-12pm. Soil health in the home garden.

                   Presenter: James Cassidy, Crop & Soil Scientist, Oregon State University

                   Venue: Redeemer Community Garden


4. Saturday, April 21: 10am-12pm.  Attracting birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.                                        Presenters:  Bev Loos, mason bee enthusiast, and Dean Wentworth, Botanical Garden and Greenhouse Curator at Willamette University

                    Venue: Willamette University’s Zena Farm


5. Saturday, May 19:  1-3pm.  Vegetable gardening in the northwest.

                   Presenters:  Peter Henry, Zena Farm Manager, and Jennifer Johns, Associate Director for Sustainable Agriculture Education at Willamette University

                   Venue:  Willamette University’s Zena Farm


6. Thursday, June 7: 5-7pm.  Vermicomosting: Creating compost with worms.

                   Presenter:  Gretchen Doering, AmeriCorps Service Member, Marion-Polk Food Share.

                   Venue:  Hammond Community Garden


7. Saturday, June 16: 10am-12pm.  Garden friends and foes: Managing pests and encouraging beneficials in your garden.

                   Presenter:  Gail Gredler, Instructor of Horticulture, Chemeketa Community College.

                   Venue:  Southeast Salem Neighborhood Garden


8. Saturday, July 14: 10am-12pm.  An introduction to permaculture design.

                   Presenter:  Andrew Millison, permaculturalist and instructor at Oregon State University.

                   Venue:  Sunnyside Organics, River St. House.


9. Sunday, August 12: 12-2pm.  Heirloom varieties and saving your own seed.

                   Presenters:  Diana Cason, seed saver enthusiast & Ian Dixon-McDonald, Marion-Polk Food Share Community Gardens Program Director.

                   Venue:  Redeemer Community Garden


10.  August, TBD.  Cover crops and winter gardening

                   Presenter:  Pete Nagy, Northgate Forgiveness and Peace Garden Coordinator and winter gardening enthusiast.

                   Venue:  The Oregon School for the Deaf Urban Farm


11. September, TBD.  Hoop house construction

                   Presenter:  Pamela Lyons-Nelson, Fuente de Vide Community Garden Coordinator

                   Venue:  Fuente de Vida Community Garden


12. September, TBD.  Season extension with cold frames

                   Presenter:  Michael Taylor, the Greenhouse Catalog.

                   Venue:  Northgate Forgiveness and Peace Garden


13. Sunday, October 14:  1-3 pm.  Crop rotation and companion planting for your garden.  Presenters: Peter Henry, Zena Farm Manager, and Jennifer Johns, Associate Director for Sustainable Agriculture Education at Willamette University.

                   Venue:  Willamette University’s Zena Farm

Work Party at the Sesna Garden with the Americorps Folks 2/12

The Sesna Garden has a lovely new picnic table, funded by the Salem Area
Garden Club & built by neighbor John Stalnaker & Tom Martin.  Seven
wonderful Americorps volunteers ate their lunch at the new table after
working hard at a 2/12/11 Garden work party. More photos.

Litter Pickup Photos 1/15

Photos from the  January 15th litter pick are on the SESNA Flickr site.

Thank you for your  hard work.

Opportunity for a Railroad Quiet Zone in South Salem

Currently there is no funding available for the railroad quiet zone in South Salem except for the Mill St. crossing near Willamette University.

The citizens of Salem voted to pay for the safety improvements to address increased train speeds allowed and the horn blasts mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration. The city staff has done a great job of planning the improvements, however there are not enough funds for all of the railroad crossings in Salem.

The crossing at Hines St. is the most expensive proposed crossing improvement (approx. $1,500,000) in Salem because of the need to move railroad track switches. This improvement stands in the way of less expensive crossing improvements being included in the Railroad Quiet Zone. The improvements at McGilchrist St and Madrona Ave. are estimated to be $55,000 and $75,000 respectively. If funds for the Hines St. are found, then funding for the other two crossings would likely be found as well. These three improvements would allow all of South Salem to be in the Railroad Quiet Zone. See map below:

The only funding being considered for the Hines St. crossing is the ODOT Transportation Enhancement funds that city has applied for. According to the ODOT New Release, eligible projects for Transportation Enhancement Program include “Provision of facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists”. If Salem is not awarded these funds then, the only Quiet Zone crossing in South Salem will be just at Mill St. The design and construction of funded sections of the quiet zone is in progress, but for the Hines St. and South Salem no other funding source other than the TE grant is currently being considered.

At first glance, the Hines St crossing project looks like a pedestrian improvements project to a quiet industrial and residential street. The rest of the story is that this site is the key to restoring an important environmental factor to the livability of a wide swath of the second largest city in Oregon. This will be the only opportunity to extend the Quiet Zone into all of South Salem for quiet some time.

Please do not be quiet about this issue. Let ODOT know that this project is important to Salem. The public comment period is open until January 28th.

For more information: ODOT Transportation Enhancement Program announcement, flyer and web page. The City of Salem application is here.

Eric Lungren has posted comments and photos on his blog about the possible funding for the Hines St. crossing.


Jeff Leach
SESNA Transportation Committee Chair
Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association

Richmond Elementary’s Annual Winter Bazaar 12/3

December 3  – 6 to 8:00 p.m.
Richmond’s Annual Winter Bazaar is a sale we hold for our families to come
in and purchase items for their families. Some families purchase goods they
need. Our kids tend to buy things they can give to a sibling as a holiday gift.
If you have any new or gently used items that are clean and in good repair,
we would greatly appreciate them.
Items needed include:

  • lots of toys that kids can buy
  • unused bath/body products
  • unused candles
  • picture frames
  • small portable radios
  • jewelry
  • useful house wares
  • complete games
  • wrapping paper
  • tape
  • ribbon & bows
  • and anything else you think a child might love to have

Volunteers are needed too for set up and clean up and as cahiers, gift
wrappers and snack bar attendants.
Thank you for your support!
Rachel Cancino
466 Richmond Ave. S
(503) 399-3180